Summary of terms and conditions

You, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, agree that by clicking “Join Now”, “Join Happy at Work”, “Sign Up”, “Try for Free”, or similar, registering, accessing or using our services (described below), are agreeing to enter into a legally binding contract with Interactive Happiness Survey AB, hereinafter referred to as Happy at Work (even if you are using our Services on behalf of another party). If you do not agree to this contract (“Contract” or “User Agreement”), do not click “Join Now” (or similar) and do not access or otherwise use any of our Services. If you wish to terminate this contract, at any time you can do so by opting to close your account and no longer accessing or using our Services. This information also applies to employees of the Company and, where applicable, to employees in other companies that are part of or in service with the Company. This information is also applicable to other parties that the Company has reached an agreement with, in order to conduct employee surveys or similar by using our Services. By agreeing to this Contract, the Company, its employees and parties related as mentioned above, are agreeing with our Personal Data Processing Agreement and Software License Agreement.


Happy at Work will continuously gather information about the Company’s employees on, but not limited to, their stress and satisfaction levels in their workplace. The information gathered will be analyzed by algorithms designed and implemented by Happy at Work to monitor those levels and provide meaningful insights.


This Contract applies to and other related domains, communications and other services that state that they are offered under this Contract (“Services”). This also includes the service of sending out employee surveys, or similar, to collect employee data for the Company.

Privacy Policy

Happy at Work strives to protect and respect your privacy and makes an effort to only gather the absolute minimum amount of data and securing those data from unauthorized access. Happy at Work anonymizes survey data by design to disconnect survey data from individuals and providing the data consumer only with generic information. Happy at Work ensures that all the data that it handles is handled in accordance to GDPR, as outlined in Personal Data Processing Agreement. The following is a brief description of what data may be stored by Happy at Work about you:Survey data provided by you when answering surveys sent from Happy at Work via e-mail, text or Slack.E-mail address and phone number (optional) provided by your employer when setting up Happy at Work for use in your organization.Password provided by you (only if you choose to register) will be encrypted (using AES256) and stored in the encrypted format.


Happy at Work utilizes third-party services for storage, e-mail and SMS distribution. We kindly refer to the following legal information.Microsoft Azure, used for storing the data. Legal information.Postmark, used for e-mail distribution. Legal information specific for the EU and general Terms of Service. Twilio, used for text distribution. Legal information. Happy at Work does not sell or for other purposes distribute any personal data to any third-party actor. For further information on how Happy at Work utilizes particular third-party services, as referred to in Software License Agreement.

Software Licensing

Happy at Work owns all the rights to the Happy at Work software, as well as additional modules and auxiliary services related to the software. Happy at Work grants users/clients of the Happy at Work service the right to use the software, and by using the software the users/clients agree to use the software in accordance to the stipulations as defined in Software License Agreement.

The full versions of terms and conditions can be found here:

Personal Data Processing Agreement Software License Agreement